Rated 4.98-stars across 2K+ reviews
Rated 4.98-stars across 2K+ reviews Rated 4.98-stars across 2K+ reviews Rated 4.98-stars across 2K+ reviews Rated 4.98-stars across 2K+ reviews Rated 4.98-stars across 2K+ reviews
Your Inborn Talents Your Inborn Talents


Your Inborn Talents
Whether you're a parent looking to understand your child's unique strengths or an adult seeking to enhance your own performance, our Geneus DNA Test is designed for everyone.
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Unlock Your Unique Abilities
Unlock Your Unique Abilities 

With Our Advanced DNA Analysis.

Utilizing modern biotechnologies, we delve into genetic markers to provide a personalized DNA report with details on your inborn talents and more. 

This provides a profound understanding of individual traits, from physical appearance to behavior, enabling precise life planning and fostering early personal development for yourself or your child.

Discover 12 Talents Hidden in Your DNA

Find out what sets you apart and how to reach your full potential. Geneus DNA Test offers a deeper understanding of your innate strengths.
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talent tark Intelligence


talent tark Memory


talent tark Working memory

Working memory

talent tark Task attention

Task attention

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talent tark Creativity


talent tark Mathematics


talent tark Music


talent tark Reading and spelling

Reading and spelling

talent tark Multi-tasking skills

Multi-tasking skills

talent tark Endurance Sports

Endurance Sports

talent tark Power Sports

Power Sports

Enhance Personal Development with

Geneus DNA Test

Unleash Your Full Potential
Unleash Your Full Potential
Gain a profound understanding of yourself for more informed life decisions.
Understand Your Strengths and Weaknesses
Understand Your Strengths and Weaknesses
Focus on self-improvement areas that matter most to you.
Precise Planning
Precise Planning
Skip painful trial and error—discover your strengths with precision.
Achieve Earlier Success
Achieve Earlier Success
Leverage your unique abilities for quicker and easier success.
Stay Motivated
Stay Motivated
Ignite your curiosity and passion, and pursue what truly inspires you.
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Cracking the Code...

For a Healthy and Fulfilling Life
Beyond the inborn talents, we also offer fascinating insights into your physical and behavioral traits , including how your body responds to foods and your risk for certain diseases. Plus, receive personalized health recommendations to guide you towards a healthier life. Suitable for individuals of all ages, not limited to children and teenagers.
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What Can Your DNA Tell About Yourself?

Find out with our in-depth analysis, offering over 500 reports on health, talent, and more.
Food sensitivities
Health and disease risks
Sports performance
Vitamin and mineral needs
Weight loss method tailored to your genes
Natural aptitudes and talents
Physical and personality traits
Detoxification and DNA methylation
Carrier status and family planning
Drug responses
And many more
Let's Explore How Geneus DNA Works

Let's Explore How Geneus DNA Works

Our DNA collection kit is non-invasive and easy-to-use. Just rub the sponge tip along the lower gums for 15 times, then send it over to Geneus DNA. Simple and painless procedure takes no longer than 5 minutes – no needles or blood involved.
Easy and reliable self DNA collection
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Easy and reliable self DNA collection Highest quality DNA sample

Our DNA collection kit is U.S. FDA-cleared. Saliva collection using our DNA collection kit doesn’t require trained professionals or clinical infrastructure.It allows anyone, anywhere, at any age to collect DNA sample.
Precision and Innovation
Our US-certified laboratory utilizes cutting-edge systems and technologies to provide you with scientifically proven and highly accurate test results. When it comes to your health or genetic information, trust that it's in the best hands.

Our Outstanding Standards

Your Confidence in Genetic Insights

We maintain the highest standards for accurate and reliable genetic insights.
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CLIA Certified Lab

Samples meticulously processed in a CLIA certified and CAP accredited lab for precision.

FDA Cleared

Our kit is FDA cleared for safety and effectiveness.

Rigorous Validation

Results meet strict standards for validity, consistency, and accuracy.

Personalized Guidance

Tailored lifestyle recommendations based on your genetics.

In-Depth Gene Analysis

We explore over 20,000 genes for a comprehensive view. Including more than 10 Million genetic markers based on our algorithm.

Doctor Consultation

1-on-1 consultation with our doctors post-test for result interpretation and health planning.
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What Makes Geneus DNA Test

The #1 Choice for Everyone?
We provide over 500 personalized health and talent reports, offering detailed insights based on your unique genetic profile.
Our CLIA-certified and CAP-accredited lab processes all samples to the highest quality and accuracy standards.
Our analysis covers more than 20,000 genes, affecting traits from physical appearance to body function.
Your results are based on well-established scientific and medical research, including genome-wide association studies (GWAS).
Receive 1-on-1 consultation with our doctor to help you understand and utilize your results effectively.
Get free lifetime DNA report updates. You'll always have access to the latest findings as new reports become available.
Take the first step now to access personalized DNA insights that can complete the picture of your health and potential.
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