We spend a lifetime trying to learn more about ourselves. But experience alone doesn’t always give you solutions to your unique needs. Fortunately, your DNA Can.

Knowing more about your DNA helps you tailor your lifestyle to what suits you best and potentially rewrite you own future.

The answers lie within your DNA

DNA carries our genetic information and is passed down from generation to generation.

DNA is a double stranded molecule, shaped like a twisted ladder.

The rungs of the DNA ladder are formed by pairs of nitrogenous bases, which include:
– Adenine (A)
– Cytosine (C)
– Guanine (G)
– Thymine (T)
These four DNS bases are arranged in a four-character code: ACGT, called ‘Genetic code’

Your entire genetic code in each cell contains approximately 3 billion base pairs. By reading one letter a second, it would take 95 years to read the whole thing!

Your DNA sequences are about 99.9% identical to those of every other person.

Difference in the remaining 0.1% of our DNA make us all unique.

Variation in the DNA sequence at particular locations are called ‘Single Nucleotide Polymorphism’, or SNPs (pronounced ‘snips’). Some SNPs can lead to differences in health, including disease susceptibility, and physical appearance.

Geneus™ decodes some SNPs in your DNA sequences to create your personalized health reports based on well-established scientific and medical research. 

Geneus™ provides you fascinating insights about your physical and behavioral traits, from how your body responds to foods, to your inborn talents, and your risk  for certain diseases. Include more than 500+ reports.

Non-genetic factors also matter

  • When it comes to certain traits, DNA is only one influence among many. 
  • Non-genetic factors, including your lifestyle and environment, may also affect your chances of developing certain conditions. 
  • A DNA test is not a diagnosis. It shows you your potential to have certain traits based on your genetics, so that you may modify your lifestyle appropriately to decrease your future health risks or delay the onset of the disease.
  • For example, if your DNA suggests you are a slow metabolizer of caffeine, which means it may be unhealthy if consumed in large amount, you may want to limit your daily caffeine intake, or opt for decaffeinated options. 

How we analyze your DNA

We identify differences in the DNA sequence called ‘Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms’, or SNPs (pronounced ‘snips’). SNPs are single base-pair changes in DNA that may differ between people. 

These small genetic differences can lead to each person’s unique physical features, and can be linked to certain health conditions and traits.

Our certified lab extracts DNA from cells in your saliva sample. The technologies we use for analyzing your DNA – the MicroArray genotyping and Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) – are well proven for the accurate results.

Exclusive Set DNA Test ( Health + Talent Service)

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