Cancellation, Return, and Refund policy


Geneus is an online service. You need a computer with Internet access to use our service and to view your genetic data. Throughout our website, we provide detailed information regarding the genotyping process and what you can expect or may experience from our service. Please review this information prior to purchasing. Your placement of an order from Geneus constitutes your acceptance of our Terms of Service and your agreement that the policies below apply to your order.


Standard Refund Policy

If you request a refund or cancel the order, we will refund the balance of the total purchase price after subtracting your shipping and handling charges.

To receive a refund** for an unused kit, you must notify us within thirty (30) days of placing your order in Geneus’s online store or paying a lab fee directly to Geneus that you request a refund and confirm that you have not yet shipped your saliva sample to our laboratory.

*We will not issue a refund if (i) you request a refund more than thirty (30) days after the payment of your lab fee was processed; or (ii) our laboratory had begun processing your saliva sample prior to your request for refund.

**We will NOT refund unless the product is in the same condition from the delivered date of the company.